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We find for the first time a trace of the bitch in history in 1901 during the vote of the French law on associations. In 1919 she officiates in the pages of Zang Thumb Tumb and in other magazines.

She was then found in 1936 as a militant teacher of the popular front.

She emigrated to the United States in 1939 and would then be the inspiration for Bob Kane for his Bat-Man.

In 1953 she suffered the wrath of Reverend Wertham during his comunic witch hunt and had to return to Europe. She meets Boris Vian's Chloé and performs the first ablation of the water lily.

In 1957 she was the first female dog in space, then in 65 she became a film critic from which she was fired for having defended an obscure American turnip:

<< Voyage to the planet of the prehistoric women.

In 1968 she is alongside Robert Crumb, Robert Williams, Rick Griffin, Victor Moscoso and many others in the adventure of underground comixes on the west coast, she will keep an immoderate fondness for psychotropic drugs.

In 1978 she would have appeared haloed with speed powder and boxes of beers to the punkoid band of Bazooka Prods to bring them electric light. In the mid-80s she launched an international magazine in the world: Sortez la bienne!

But at the end of the 80s she played in an obscure hard rock group having borrowed its name from an Alan Moore comic strip and had to cease publication for lack of time.

The 90s were the occasion for questioning the century that she has just lived, from which will emerge the desire and the deep conviction to pursue her mission of evangelizing the masses with modern good taste.

Today she is the maker of angel books in the Audomarois and teller of electronic good adventures and takes the opportunity to multiply iconoclastic exhibitions everywhere.

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